The Three Little Bits Kids Stories
The Three Little Bits Kids Stories

The Three Little Bits Kids Stories

Introduction Of The Three Little Bits Kids Stories

The Three Little Bits Kids Stories. Once upon a time, three little pigs who lived in a small house in the Forest was a round-point and mind lived with their beloved mother where she was very lazy with was very worried said in mind the smallest of the three was smart and very brave and he was the head of the house whenever he had a problem his mother always solved it with the help of milk the others didn’t do anything to help and despite the Three, Brothers being so different he.

The forest is dangerously full of hungry wolves

This Amazon in his free time after eating and sleeping they have to play hide and seek in Forest 1 it’s good that they always dozed off in the place they were hiding and every time I found them here they were awake to continue with the game but I had no other option but to accept your brothers as they were hello I’m always looking It’s not fair I’m tired of looking for you let me sleep a little longer hahaha he’ll spend all day looking for me children go too far away from home you know.


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The forest is dangerously full of hungry wolves so glad they expected their mother to do everything for him me who always helped their mother good morning he’s called to talk mom this can’t go on So it’s always the lady who goes to collect firewood in the forest even after cooking for us at all I think my brothers saw I should go out and learn to take care of ourselves or be ridiculous mic You are my children I’m used to it, Of course, mommy brothers must learn responsibility it will be good for them too so.

What you tell me you’re right Mind let’s talk to your brothers tomorrow and put it into action and I’ve saved some money may exist Between all of you all can build your own house let’s see how it’s going to be even if the brothers of me who didn’t like the idea all the Three Little Pigs and with bags in their hands left the next day to collect their new lives I was very excited and having asked mommy at the door, Mommy, I’m sorry for upsetting you and for being so lazy to God right Mom I didn’t listen to anything you told me.

Three Little Pigs walked for a while and finally

Whenever it bothered me I’m sorry please Forgive me from now on I’ll remember everything you said goodbye, oh mommy don’t be sad I’m leaving after I finish my house I’ll come back to pick you up to figure one his mom was worried that something bad would happen in the forest hi hi win my kids can news when you can We who take care of Lobo Mau and the Three Little Pigs walked for a while and finally chose the location for their new homes it was too far from where they lived link especially wanted.

It to be like that and he didn’t trust his brothers, he thought they should learn to take care of themselves and not run to their mother’s house in the first good problem they had, which was the first one they encountered. He found a place for his house He was lazy and ended up choosing the easiest option. But don’t be fine and train a bed of hay and I’ll be warm in the winter I won’t have to work so hard and there will still be some money left because a fair house it’s cheap and easy to build yesterday asked for the same way and I’ll do it in my wooden house and I’ll paint there.

The Three Little Bits Kids Stories
The Three Little Bits Kids Stories

So it looks beautiful this is a great option and if I rent a room maybe I won’t need to work too much I think it will be easy to make wooden house brothers are crazy How can they make a house of hay and wood are choosing the easy way If I were you I’d think better Look take care of your life you little one he’s telling us what to do if the piggy doesn’t friend Os.

They built their Iron house in a few hours

Three Little Pigs built their houses close together as they built their Iron house in a few hours the leg could sleep in their hay bed bridge built a wooden house soon after with the stuff I had bought is ready this house is a good size for me I have a roof over my head I won’t need anything else me who built your brick house first we’ll have games and they were great lpf later in the following days built one wonderful house with 4 rooms and a brick and cement fireplace.

I will help the elderly and also care Garden of them they go to the market for them and that way I can be useful to everyone and as payment, they can give me food and some tire money and that’s the battery gone let’s download the game now it’s to take the same place it won’t take long for the big bad wolf in the forest to smell you from the Three Little Pigs the first one he went to Rosa’s door wine I want neighbor welcome I can come in getting to know each other I live close by this must be the voice of the wolf.

That mom warned us as far as i know there are no neighbors around i know who you are you are the evil wolf i won’t open the door it soon got very angry I have a very strong people I’ll blow blow here and I’ll steal your house no my house is too strong it won’t take down the wolf barely took a step back took a deep breath and then blew the house with all his might Andthen the house of hay that I dismantle completely well that managed to escape and ran straight to the house of mind wink Globo barely knocked on my front door cause.

The wolf is going there said no one is you you are exaggerating my house

He’s running here I think he’s going to Tom’s house, who is nowhere, he opens the door. this door let’s not call him right now she puts him out of the house right now the wolf is going there said no one is you you are exaggerating my house is solid there’s no way Wolf can get in here really the wolf that couldn’t get ROM that I was going straight to the clock home someone’s piggy house He brought a present from his little brother remember possession let me in for a little chat.

He’s always too tired for me to buy a present you anyway my brothers called me to let me know you’re the fool’s stamp and I won’t open the door go away right now so you won’t open it all right I have a very strong lung I’ll blow and blow and I’ll knock your house knowing its strength the logo Treacherous kicked the house some crisis then he took a deep breath and knocked the house down bridge managed to escape and reach my house please understand me quickly open the door now the.

The Three Little Bits Kids Stories
The Three Little Bits Kids Stories

New will get me minc opened the door to their brother they were very scared The three brothers sat down and started to think I think now it’s his turn for him to come here for sure yes I also think I’ll give you a way to get us out of this theft of once by and the Three Little Pigs quickly tried a plan and wait for the new model when he soon came to my house he yelled Yeah I know you write so in there get out now so I’ll blow even rob this house of you so what are you waiting for tear down the house if you can go away and leave us alone is the new curious started kicking.

The three little pigs trembled with fear and embraced

The door eh and there were three locks on the door but still the three little pigs trembled with fear and embraced each other while watching the door the wolf knocked and was left but couldn’t tear down the house from me suddenly the wolf barely had an idea trying to enter the house through the chimney went to the roof with the help of a road managed to squeeze into the chimney and entered but the Three Little Pigs were already waiting for him to immediately light the fire in the fireplace and watch where.

It was about to happen as soon as he had not seen the smoke he had not imagined that sand He was always there and when he reached the back of the room and didn’t even come out right at the bottom and in the same way that went in and out like a jet down the chimney oh no help help help we don’t need More first Wolves he’ll never stop now we’ve got to get our mother my house it’s too big it’s a room for each of us and I miss it so much you don’t feel it’s too much I don’t know lazy no more from now on.

I’ll take care of the shopping i miss it too and i ‘ll take care of the construction site from now on I’m going to continue fruits and vegetables to help our mom pin everyone We should help our mom doing chores so she can rest and we can help the other neighbors too so with Glad they’ve changed a lot they realized how much wonderful benefit they took to me. to live with him and they lived happily ever after.