The Snow Queen 2021 New Story
The Snow Queen 2021 New Story

The Snow Queen 2021 New Story

Introduction Of The Snow Queen 2021 New Story

The Snow Queen 2021 New Story. Once in a very cold place, there was a boy and a girl who were neighbors they were good friends and the girl who was called war and the boy who called cai they played together all the time every night grandma of war gathered with the two in front of the fireplace to tell the story of that night was of the snow queen was very pretty with charming green eyes but she was equally wicked she uses crockery I train to deceive children capture them and transforming.

The Strangers even though he appears to be a good person

Ice status and if your hair with your heart was also made of ice and I’m so scared this one comes to our house we need to protect ourselves from her children this but true story why it should never get into training The Strangers even though he appears to be a good person if they do that bad thing can happen As it was late the children went to bed the next day then guys went out to ride a sleigh through the snow-covered field I still had the story of grandma and Déda in my head Yesterday when I went to sleep.


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I was thinking about one thing is the snow queen can be melted if we took it close to the fireplace maybe she could melt then the spell she cast on the children would be broken and so they would be Free there the song very angry theme be careful ok but let’s melt the snow queen could hear even the slightest whisper of her respect to hear her fall and underestimate her the snow queen decided she would take her palace down and turn it into a statue of ice forever she sent one of her right away or trained reindeer to where.

The kids were what beautiful training let’s go up a little and try it fall I remember the snow queen and there is another one but I don’t see anyone around here look how beautiful it is all made of silver and glitter es to Hi dad so do this Robot Day souvenir said she said not to enter but not to train from any stranger because this is very dangerous I’ll give it just a little bit I’ll be back soon so fall so I wanted to ask for another one and it didn’t start to leave the ground and in a few seconds.

The Snow Queen’s trap was being taken to the castle

He had disappeared into the sky had fallen into the Snow Queen’s trap was being taken to the castle he was very scared and sorry for not having listened to his friend but it was too late the months passed and not if I heard any more news about him And then I was very sad and cried all the time she waited because I dear friend he was reported missing but war was certain that the Snow queen I had captured and the seasons will pass the snow melted and the summer The war came.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. fall I trust you so much you’re a very brave girl but I want you to take something take this magic mirror with you I’ve got can do with this mirror granny can if you have it now face with the snow queen make her look at this mirror only then will you understand what it is for war put Spinner in her bag and went looking for her friend and while walking through the Forest found a small cottage I’m tired from the trip She knocked on the door is a sense the lady opened the door And she was a witch.

Snow Queen's
Snow Queen’s

Who only did good spells can come in pretty girl We’ve been waiting for you I know why you’re here I can help you you’re looking for your friend Gai my cat can tell you how to find him and he doesn’t have to to worry We’ll help you alright thank you that would be a great help the war went to the cat who was lying on a pillow by the fireplace hi hi kitten how did you find my friend who oh name boots coming to these goats grazing in my head let’s get down to our emotional game real quick you don’t have a girl.

When she got to the cabin at night it

Who lives in a cave at the end of the forest she told me to send you there as soon as you got there she knows how to leave your friend bye-bye the war thanked her and went straight to the path that would take her to the end of the forest she walked and when she got to the cabin at night it had already fallen and the girl who lived in the cabin opened the door before the war even had a chance to hit the end of the war I was waiting for you please don’t be near the arena then I’ll sit down I’m very tired and hungry.

Thank you so much after eating it’s better to rest for a while tomorrow help you I would arrive at the Snow Queen’s palace Don’t worry in the morning they went to the barn at the back of the hut where there were two beautiful Helena and the girl could talk to her she asked the reindeers to take them down to the Snow Queen’s palace Well then she prepared a nice sled Look I don’t even know how to thank you for all the help you’re giving me have a good one come Don’t worry my Renan will take the Hotel Palace of the.

Snow Queen you will find your friend there please but that’s that war Departed for the road with training pulled by reindeer traveled for several days to Neve Branca cover the way Everywhere happily the girl gave her a cap or a thick coat and a blanket well 15 grams those people girl I’m feeling as I travel here in this practice I wish so I wish were here with my hope.

A white ice castle and shimmering war of realized you

We can get back together after several days of traveling war finally saw a white ice castle and shimmering war of realized you had arrived at the snow queen’s castle hello dear reindeer wait for me out here I’ll go get my friend and be back soon and she went straight to the castle everything is made of ice was covered in the snow she searched for the castle but there was no one around her voice echoed in the empty castle when she finally opened the door to a room on the top floor I found a friend of yours falls.

He was standing like a statue in the middle of the room I thought so much about missing you my dear friend finally found you at the same time War Started rubbing the ice too hard trying to melt but it was your tears of emotion that ran down the ice and melted it Like magic and finally broke free to know you’d come to save me I missed you too I’m so happy to see you I want to talk about it later fall that left here now meanwhile the snow queen returned to the castle and then entered the room where they were.

They were very scared war saw her for the first time with her long white hair and lovely green eyes the snow queen was a beautiful woman curious to see that the two were about to run away she said how dare she enter my cast link without permission and stole one of my statues as punishment Now it’s your turn I have It will be one of my statues hahaha war was terrified but she had to be strong to face the snow queen she suddenly remembered the magic mirror her grandmother had Given you I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you but unfortunately.

She doesn’t give it to me the snow queen looked in the mirror

Inside you’re ugly and your heart is ice the mother of the leg for you being dependent you can turn me into a statue but my grandmother who sent this mirror can look at it only one instead of this mirror because she doesn’t give it to me the snow queen looked in the mirror and was shocked the reflection she saw in the mirror was hers as a child she was a little girl with long blonde hair and lovely video eyes, my god, what is happening at that moment a cloud of magic engulfed the queen was getting smaller and smaller.

When why she turned back into a girl a miracle had happened the mirror er the same magic mirror and the one who looked at him and his true self and but what no one knows is that the snow queen was a very sad child then no one played with her 11 is a sorceress told her that was not right and that could help her get revenge on those who Made her suffer full of grief in her heart she made the wrong decision and accepted the help then the sorceress turned into the snow queen and filled her heart with everything evil.

The Snow Queen 2021 New Story
The Snow Queen 2021 New Story

A beautiful broken mirror what a terrible spell now everyone was full of joy thank you so much you saved me my heart is full of joy there guard went to the reindeers who took them back to where they came from and they were happy that their lives were back to normal and of course they listened to grandma’s stories is the name boot your goats grazing on my head.