The Magical Brave Princess Story For Kids
The Magical Brave Princess Story For Kids

The Magical Brave Princess Story For Kids

Introduction Of The Magical Brave Princess Story For Kids

The Magical Brave Princess Story For Kids. Once upon a time, there was a righteous king one day an evil nobleman dethroned him and took over the kingdom the defeated king was unfortunately imprisoned the wounded king soon succumbed to his wounds, fortunately, the queen managed to escape she ran blindly into the forest nearby carrying his daughter in his arms he soon got lost he wondered aloud or what do I do now it’s so cold and it’s a night where I go from here so the queen moved on much later she discovered a little hut of straw went ahead and knocked on the door was opened by a dwarf and unfortunately.

The effort reached her and before she could explain anything she fell and sadly passed away after delivering the baby to the dwarf the dwarf who very kindly took pity and decided to raise the girl as if she were his own daughter, he called her Mariana because the day his mother took her to the cabin wearing a gold heart-shaped medallion with a crown and the letter m on it in diamonds Mariana grew to become a charming young woman 17 years passed one morning a little bird yellow flew home and handed a letter to the dwarf you distinguish the letter is from the elven emperor who wants me to attend a meeting but.

Why do you look so worried because mortals are not allowed?

Why do you look so worried because mortals are not allowed how can I leave you alone here don’t worry give me a vial of healing water and explore the world until the moment you come back again maybe someone can tell me the meaning of this medallion or the story of my mother with much regret the dwarf was of agreement nerd After giving Mariana the bottle the dwarf left while Mariana went to exploring the Marian world went to various cities and towns where he met many helpless and sick rich and poor from whom he sympathized and healed them all with the magic water of healing however the mystery surrounding his locket remained unsolved One day Mariana was walking through a town when an elderly destitute woman I approach through tears please come with mE.

I need your help With Marian movement he followed her to a village wherein a cabin lying on a bed there was a beautiful young peasant girl is dying of fever from please sure I will be happy to help you in all you can touch his head with the water from the healing and instantly the peasant became good and strong and very kind I am indebted to an aunt at that moment Mariana heard the faint sound of a bird As he looked in that direction he saw a little yellow bird crouching in the hearth crying inconsolably was the yellow bird that had brought the message to his father He bent down and picked it up in the hands of a bird’s eye gate hours someone made you hurt but the bird just uttered a helpless little peep I found it yesterday his bullet seems to be broken so Mariana touched the bird’s icy wound with the healing water barely.

I had done it when the yellow bird flapped its wings with joy so Mariana said goodbye to the peasant and left the yellow bird sat on his shoulder and decided to accompany her soon Mariana arrived in a land of fields small hills and rivers border two of pale willows this place is awesome Mariana did not know but that was part of her father’s kingdom while Mariana had been in the forest the evil nobleman had died leaving his cruel brother again in charge of the kingdom and his little son the prince wish but the caravan was always overwhelmed by the fear that he would be forced to give in the throne one day to the prince.

I want you to fix it has been with a mysterious disease

So when the prince turned 20 caravans decided to eliminate it but as he feared the anger of the people decided to do it stealthily so again went to see a wizard and stated his purpose I want you to fix it has been with a mysterious disease and that none medicine can heal him the magician nodded and laughed cruelly as wish result was seen slowly dying as it became more weak and weak one day the captain of the guard of the Castillo came to Garabí Mariana the girl with the gift of healings has come to the kingdom maybe we should go find her to save to the prince reluctantly Garvin agreed Marianna together with the yellow bird sitting on his shoulder was led before him by the guards. the golden medallion around his neck caught the attention of Garavin instantly recognized him as one of the jewels of the crown and therefore concluded.

That Mariana must be the princess missing and rightful queen of the king did not feel shocked and disturbed if I refuse to let Mariana help the prince who woke up the suspicious of everyone but if he allowed Mariana to heal him the prince would ascend to the throne but Mariana’s right is superior even to that of my nephew to ascending the throne confused Garvin decided to seek the help of the cruel wizard again and therefore went to see him the magician listened to gradín and explained his idea to him fear not to destroy both claimants to the throne to the truth tonight I will cast a dream spell on Mariana steal the jar empty the healing water and fill.

It with a liquid that will cause serious illness in a very few hours and then replace the bottle with a mysterious potion and before Mariana wakes up let Mariana visit the prince when you do it and touch it with the mysterious potion the prince become seriously ill then you can judge Mariana for having made the prince and condemn her being thrown off the cliff Garvin was now ecstatic that night the magician refilled the vial and left without to know the yellow bird had followed him and went to see where he had hidden the real water of healing the next morning Mariana was addressed once more before the king my dear nephew the ugly prince has been ill for some months and It has no cure.

He saw it in terms of desire he fell madly in love with Marianna

I hoped that maybe I could cure him with the magic water fog to do everything possible to save the prince so Mariana was escorted to the prince’s room by Gavin and his I wish entourage lay in an old-fashioned bed with the face flushed with fever a great pity swept through Marianna’s heart at the moment he saw it in terms of desire he fell madly in love with Marianna the first sight as Mariana leaned over the prince to touch his forehead with the healing water the little yellow bird screamed wildly As soon as he did, due to the poisonous water.

The prince turned pale and fell from again on the pillows unconscious everyone was deeply shocked Mariana terrified by what had happened dropped the jar that broke into a thousand pieces capturing her has killed him rough hands seized Marianna and the yellow bird and the both were thrown into prison at the trial, Mariana was sentenced to be thrown off a cliff as the doctors declared that the prince he was very sick and the bird was going to be caged by the hands of a cook Fortunately the assistant Cook was the same peasant.

That Mariana had saved the girl recognized the yellow bird and decided to free it by letting it fly through the window the bird escaped singing happily an hour later Mariana in chains was led to a cliff by some Karabin soldiers the magician and the awakened entourage through the bell the prince approached the window to lose then passed out on the floor meanwhile the yellow bird had returned to the house of the magician who was emptied and found the vial containing the healing water Grabbing it with its claws the bird flew.

The Marian peace the emperor of the elves has told all your story

Once more to the room of the prince wish was still by the window when from above the bird yellow poured the contents of the flask the prince stood up strong like a lion seized his sword and ran down to save Mariana the prince reached the cliff just as Mariana was about to be pushed to release it, Garabí’s anger ordered you knew no limits despite those thrown off the cliff but before that there was a flash and the dwarf appeared next to lovers cruel caravan and your wicked lost and disgusting wizard.

The time has come to your punishment immediately the sky darkened thunder lightning and a terrible wind seized the firmament three gusts giants fiercely passed the first one blowing the king and wizard head over the precipice the second took the soldiers and the third to the royal entourage then the sky cleared and the Marian peace the emperor of the elves has told all your story and it is thanks to him that I have returned on time here you Mariana you are the true queen of this country dear queen I am the first of your subjects is not still my brave prince the yellow bird cheap happy with emotion and thus desire and Mariana got married and they lived happily ever after.

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