The Frog Prince New Kids Adventure Story
The Frog Prince New Kids Adventure Story

The Frog Prince New Kids Adventure Story

Introduction Of The Frog Prince New Kids Adventure Story

The Frog Prince New Kids Adventure Story. Once upon a time there was a king who lives in a distant land and the youngest daughter of the king was very beautiful her father loved her very much and on her birthday he presented her with a golden ball daddy thank you so much me I liked it a lot but this is very strange Last night.

The king affectionately caress his daughter’s hair

I dreamed of a very handsome prince who gave me the same gift at the ball held here in the palace the king affectionately caress his daughter’s hair Hi my dear I hope that one day you will marry my beautiful girl Ah and who knows maybe you’ll marry the prince of your dream And then the princess took a golden ball and went to play in the Palace Garden she was playing ball on Whats and suddenly she couldn’t get it right so the ball rolled to a tall grass near a lake the princess couldn’t find the ball and started crying hard.


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How could she miss the present cause I’m going to tell daddy all of a sudden She heard a sound the coin hit back Flower Don’t cry and u can’t stand it when girls cry come here what’s this where’s this sound coming from as the green frog appeared before her the princess looked in amazement I’ve never seen the frog talking the talking frog but how can I’m a very special Saturday if you allow me I would like to help you How beautiful my princess I can step in the side and get the golden ball for you thank you, my father, will surely give you.

What you want in return please bring it back to me not from the king I want nothing that I want is for us to be friends only when you agree to it I’ll give you the golden ball it is but what do you and me how can we be friends with us let’s eat together sleep together walk together in the garden and play with your ball of gold ok And you will sing for me too.

I hope you keep your promise saw my beautiful princess

I heard you sing you have a beautiful voice the princess had no choice but to accept your party right as you want as long as you bring me my golden ball and if I can deceive you somehow a little frog can’t make me do anything And then the Frog jumped into the water took the golden ball EA threw it to princess here he took it turned and started running towards the palace she didn’t want to wait for the bag he stood there watching while the princess ran and the next day.

While the princes were having breakfast with Caio was entered through one of the doors and jumped on the table it was one day your majesty Good morning my beautiful princess I hope you keep your promise saw my beautiful princess I’m going to have breakfast with you I think I’m just talking about what’s going on honey and what a promise this is without daddy he’s a talking frog I was also shocked when I saw the ball of gold that you gave me Yesterday it fell into the Lake and you know.

The Frog Prince New Kids Adventure Story
The Frog Prince New Kids Adventure Story

I took it and gave it back to me daddy that’s what happened Your Majesty in exchange for the princess for giving me to be my friend and that’s why I’m here, please lose me o and then you must keep your word my dear the team straight away another set of dishes was placed on the table and they had breakfast together and then what disgust I’m sick the princess got desperate cause she didn’t want to disobey her father that night the frog jumped on the pillow next to her And they slept together Of course.

She didn’t want to be close to the deal

The princess couldn’t sleep she stayed in the corner of the bed until morning because she didn’t want to be close to the deal. many fairy tales at night he told stories to the princess o And during the day while walking in the Garden he put the flowers in the princess’ hair and after some time the princess got so used to the frog that she stopped worrying about his presence she started to fall in love with it one night the frog said And today you will tell a fairy tale and sing a beautiful lullaby my mother sang ca lullabies all.

The time and the princess took the frog in her hands and started to sing a when some tears rolled from the frog’s eyes and when the princess saw that her friend was sad and she gave a kiss on the cheek suddenly the frog turned into a cute young man the prince stood up and told the princess who he was and what had happened was an evil witch turned me into a frog and the only way to break the curse it was a beautiful girl kiss me thanks to your curse.

I stayed Braga princess wants to marry me princess was still in shock trying to understand what had just happened then she realized he was the prince who had given her the golden ball in her dream I don’t believe of course I’m getting married let’s tell my father they went immediately to the king and told everything the king was shocked but also very happy that his beautiful daughter is marrying the prince of his dreams hos and the Princess and the Prince Ribeirão happy forever Hi friends, subscribe to the channel when blood like that is the most famous fairy tales attend children’s songs and don’t forget to ring the Tinkerbell to receive notifications