The Cheerful Granny in English | Tamil Cinemas Fairy Tales
The Cheerful Granny in English | Tamil Cinemas Fairy Tales

The Cheerful Granny in English | Tamil Cinemas Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Cheerful Granny in English | Tamil Cinemas Fairy Tales

The Cheerful Granny in English | Tamil Cinemas Fairy Tales. The cheerful granny once upon a time of among many old women there was one who was very very happy and although she had very little to make her happy she knew that life is a journey that one makes like a smile or with a frown she chose the first option hello Priscilla dear how are you doing this morning and I’m trying to organize all the house well well dear do not worry so much tell me if I can help you you are the best if the happy old woman made a living running errands for his neighbors in return.

He would get a meal a plate of soup or sometimes

He would get a meal a plate of soup or sometimes a penny or two life was good and the old lady never found a reason to complain but you wonder what is so interesting about his life or history well this is where it gets interesting very very interesting and winter is coming I need to pick up wood to keep me warm this day the old woman entered the forest with giant steps and a sweet melody in the mouth suddenly he came across a ditch and inside it he saw a large brown pot stretched out my god my good god who could have left in the ditch where is the owner the old woman waited looked around waiting for the owner to appear but no one did.


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It may have been thrown away well a man’s trash is the treasure of another this pot would be good to put a flower in my window my god fine but if it’s full of love coins or petite luck I’m rich if you go and the rest but this rich old woman tried to lift her but she weighed too much how after thinking a lot did not see a better way to drag it behind her like a cart me 2 the neighbors will never know I’ll give each one a secret gold coin so they are happy and I’ll buy a big house and sit by the fire like a cup of tea without working like a reality with what course will it be to sit by the fire of the chair and have tea for always wanted a chair for me my god I’m very close by then I was a little tired dragging such a heavyweight and stopping to rest for a while he returned to look at his treasure and behold.

I should have dreamed well this is a strong silver

It was not a pot of gold, it was no more than a piece of silver oh how silly of me all the time thinking it was a pot of gold I should have dreamed good this is strong silver is less problematic easier to maintain and attention is not forthcoming my house may not be large but I can sit hers by the fireplace have tea so she left again planning what she would do feeling as rich as before until he got a little tired again he stopped to rest and looked around for seeing if his treasure was safe and saw nothing but a large piece of iron how silly I am all this while I was thinking that it was money I must have been dreaming but this is also luck I can sell iron and get money then.

I wouldn’t have to hide anything Nothing changes in the fireplace drink what life and so it was again dreaming of what would do with his money until he felt a little tired again this time it was a piece of iron but a big stone the god mine I am lucky I am very lucky all the gold the silver and the money they would have given a big headache but this is perfect I wanted a stone left open at my door this solves everything by luck and so in a hurry to see how the stone would hold the door open he trotted down the hill until he reached his cabin and when he turned to the shawl from the stone unfolded he saw with surprise that the stone had enlarged oh my god this is perfect can.

I need a chair this will work fine downstairs

I sit on this and have my tea no I need a chair this will work fine downstairs in case I have something to sit on and drink tea and before he could bend over to touching it the stone turned into a large piece of cotton and then going four white legs came out two ears and a face that looked like that of a beast with canine teeth protruding from its lips its eyes They were red and their arched freckles were the cotton beast OMG OMG OMG it’s not adorable I always wanted a pet, why does it come in small, what kind of person are you and trying to attract you with gold than with silver then they change it a piece of iron and then a stone and you were always just as happy and now.

When I show my term I call myself adorable of course it’s adorable I can’t take it anymore I’m going to God and saying this the cotton monster turned into a butterfly and left flying the old woman watched him go and then simply shrugging his shoulders he went back inside his house and when he entered to his surprise he saw the piece of stone lying on his floor and then as I gazed in amazement the stone turned into a beautiful chair wooden mother of mine your perfect improvement put together by God I will sell the piece of iron tomorrow morning great for god game how happy the old woman was in her happiness she turned around and to her surprise saw.

The pot of gold the obvious gold silver mean the iron lump would go to 10 million my god the old woman was ecstatic as always and as you can see I don’t know became greedy shared her treasure with her neighbors in secret and everyone was happy especially the old woman who taught us that it is not about just being happy is about learning to turn disappointments into opportunities to see things from another perspective and you will never be sad.