The Blue Fox New Tamil Cinemas 2021 Story For You
The Blue Fox New Tamil Cinemas 2021 Story For You

The Blue Fox New Tamil Cinemas 2021 Story For You

Introduction Of The Blue Fox New Tamil Cinemas 2021 Story For You

The Blue Fox New Tamil Cinemas 2021 Story For You. The blue fox once upon a time in a lush green jungle that lived a fox and although he was cunning he was very very lazy it would be wonderful if the meals come to me instead of having to go after them and how wonderful it would be if the river water will slide into the air to enter my mouth and thus turn off my thirst how wonderful it would be if the sun will soften its rays on me is that perhaps asking a lot if the fox not only he was a lazy but also a dreamer he spent.

Which he was the king and everyone

The day lying in the shade the tree and dreamed of a world in which he was the king and everyone followed his commands that will be all where is my lion food me how dare you lion how dare you how dare I what I was dreaming how dare you to talk to me next dream He did not furiously and ran after the fox the poor fox ran for his life and I don’t look back without knowing that he had already crossed the jungle and had entered the village that was when he stopped puffing and puffing looked back stupid lion one day will be my servant and saying that he went deeper into the Inside the town hey look at this what a wonderful life they have shelters they can collect water and food and add spices to their meat.

If this is not living in a dream then what is rudy who is he who opens I walk in our town whoever he is is not one of us we must chase him before the villagers catch him baby give me mind brother come on hello guys my name is but the dogs did not hear barking a jew they charged to Darling I think there is a misunderstanding and he ran while they were chasing him trying to increase the fox ran with all his might but he could feel the dogs approaching in his haste to escape he entered a washerman’s house but while he tried to hide he slipped and the dogs that they were chasing they couldn’t see it anywhere says the foreigner has heard if no god messes with us happy and proud.

The dogs left and the fox came out what life first chased by a lion and then by these stupid sad and dejected hounds the fox returned to the jungle not knowing that now it was completely blue the other animals that saw it were left bewildered oh my god I would say that is that I do not know who I can the fox was surprised to see the other animals flee from him but did not give great importance and went straight to the river to quench his thirst even there the birds flew as soon as they saw him run is the cheer of the chicken I miss that we have never seen what is happening because they are afraid of me then when he was about to drink water from the river he saw his reflection.

That astonishment he realized

That astonishment he realized why all the animals were afraid of him had an idea the fox walked proudly towards the great rock that was the lion’s throne and sat on it then called the rest of animal friends gathered please insecure and skeptical all the animals gathered around him and even the king of the jungle who now seemed shy friends because I wish from me so I assure you that there is no reason to fear me you do not know me but I am a very special of God and before sending me here he told me that the animals in this jungle had no worthy ruler and that is why he chose me to make your god-king So from today on I will be the king of this forest and I will rule you all.

He also taught me to govern better so that everyone can live safely under the umbrella of my protection is clear yes all the animals accepted him as their king and soon the fox began to live the life that I had always wanted where is my food I 2 Walter sat and watched as the other animals performed for him passed for him and brought him water, organized games and events and made the animals acted while he rested ate and drank now all formed a tail and passed next to the tree and mister frog don’t jump anymore and this continued for several days and the fox became more lazy and greedy day by day I want all the animals to play hide and seek and I will look often there.

Now a night that was like any other night

Now a night that was like any other night while the fox was in the court something unusual happened the fox heard the howl of others neighboring jungle foxes who thrilled by the sound of their own of his race could not maintain his enthusiasm and began to respond soon with his natural voice that everyone knew lions and other animals immediately recognized that their king he was after all a fox and not some different dangerous precious creature only now they realized that it was not a gift from heaven.

Which is what next to the river where I swim and lost all the colors you are a cheater if i ever see you in my kingdom i swear by the jungle i will finish with you the now ashamed and humiliated fox left and was never seen again He wandered from forest to forest loitering asking for the acceptance of animals but his story had spread and everyone knew what the fox was finally realized that excess greed is harmful and there is no we tie up for hard work.