Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story

Introduction Of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story. Once upon a time in a distant realm and where a beautiful queen lived and one of hers in Rio and the queen was not only beautiful but also kind and generous that people loved so much she always helped the people she wanted may there be plenty in her realm and the queen wanted to have a daughter one night while she was embroidering by the window that she was waiting at that exact moment a shooting star crossed the sky and the queen made a wish dear God.

She is so beautiful that everyone admires

Please give me a daughter that she is so beautiful that everyone admires that she has pink cheeks and black hair like mine that her lips be red begins the drop of blood and your eyes are bright with diamonds and your skin so white with this cloth that it is so fragrant to count the flowers in my garden that q May my teeth be as white as pearls not long after my wish came true.


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She shared the good news Correia announced that they were expecting a baby you can ask for whatever you want the president wishing my health is no longer what my wish used to be that you protect our daughter from all harm please promise me that you will protect her is nothing more I wish besides that and when the time came the queen gave birth to a very beautiful girl just as.

She had wished her daughter had black hair red lips bright eyes And the skin is white as snow And besides you record flowers and he from Samara you Snow White because of your skin And soon after the queen’s health got worse and she ended up dying in and the king was very sad he suffered too much for loss of his wife but he raised Snow White as best.

Snow White turned five a big ball was held at the palace

I could and when Snow White turned five a big ball was held at the palace and the king was eating During her daughter’s birthday and also choosing a new queen at the ball there was a beautiful woman with magical powers she used her powers to dance with the king and cast a spell on him to marry him to become the new queen. Snow White was a very beautiful woman but she was also cruel and selfish and but since the day she came to talk about Snow White she was like her rival to the queen she also had a magic mirror.

She always consulted the mirror about the future and asked Mirror mirror of mine is there anyone more beautiful than me not a woman But it’s a pity that your majesty and so the time passed Snow White became a beautiful Young woman everyone who was there couldn’t look away as they strolled through the Palace Gardens I see that she opens the flat she took her flower scent with her and I want this butterflies always followed her voice was so angelic that when she sang the birds were silent for the uvi her.

Hi, good morning the queen asked the mirror and Pedro mirror mine there is someone more beautiful than me you are very beautiful but the most beautiful of all-white net queen DJ was so angry that I play with the perfume that was in her hand on the mirror And then and more like how is this possible I’m the prettiest of all call the princess now meanwhile she had the king locked in the Palace dungeon and told everyone he was out working for his people and she also called the Palace hunter he gave strict orders.

Snow White that isn’t an idea of your destiny

I want March Snow White I bring your heart as proof and let’s go but now the app collects the apples and creates its style of Snow White that isn’t an idea of your destiny came to see the evil queen Hi darling introduce yourself Snow poems you don’t go out Must be bored in this Palace I would like you to bring some strawberries in the forest so you can breathe some fresh air and have some fun so worry I’ll send the hunter if my trust with you when snow white picks strawberries like a hunter.

They entered the forest poor hunter was very sad I can’t send the toast good heart and of such beauty, there must be another way and the hunter couldn’t kill Snow White sat under a tree and wanna know told you about the queen’s evil plan my princess please go away the queen finds out what I did she kills us after that he’s just an animal they go heart to queen hahaha Snow White spent the night under a tree and she was very scared this morning she left on her journey from and after.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story

After a long walk, she arrived at a small house and went in there G1 and she looked around wondering where is this all so small I have 7 for everything and little chairs offering small plates spoons little forks as I was hungry prepared a soup with the ingredients she found in the house she ate up the stairs the guarantor put it in one of the bed and later the owners of the house who returned from the girl were Seven Dwarfs their names were snooty nap happy at him angry and hard master oh and what’s.

Who makes a delicious soup and time passed days?

That the third gracious soup looks like someone has entered the house I come here to look at a girl sleeping Snow White woke up with the dwarves She was scared when she first saw them So told them everything that had happened to her my name is White de Neve I don’t want to cause any problems I don’t have a place to go So I hid here Please let me stay flat princess.

We won’t leave you alone in the woods Don’t worry you our first guest who makes a delicious soup and time passed days and weeks Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were laughing and having fun and living their lives and meanwhile the human queen knowing that Snow White was still alive asked to Look at the mirror again Mirror mirror of mine there’s someone more beautiful than me, right, my mother can be very beautiful but the ugliest ever get rid of Snow White and then teach the hunter a lesson this time.

She thought of a different plan Poisoned an apple and asked old woman station to trick Snow White Hello there’s someone at home I’m so hungry and I ran out of food the Seven Dwarves had warned Snow White not to open the door to anyone but Snow White felt sorry for the poor old lady who was at her door and let her in without hesitation and please come in and welcome Thank you, my dear, I was so tired and hungry from the forest you’d have something to eat no plan I’ve got a delicious soup.

The poisoned apple to snow white the prince it

Then determine your soup the bad queen people do the poor old woman’s load offered the poisoned apple to snow white the prince it came out of a bite and fell to the ground Asleep a and the queen go 20 this to go back to the palace And assume its true form when the Seven Dwarfs came back from the mine found Snow White lying on the ground and tried that she had died so they got a lot of trines one that I’m in yours the beautiful we don’t have a bed Laila is a prince who walked the Forest live seven dwarfs crying.

He got it you approached him, wow what’s happening here was very surprised when he found out who was lying in the crystal coffin surrounded by Flores was the girl he had dreamed of for several days bracelet her hair was still sewing from Forest 1 and they told the danger that everything that had happened the earring that lifted the lid of the Crystal coffin and kissed the girl of his dreams goodbye he kissed her on the cheek and at that moment something unexpected happened the spell broke and there was a miracle.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs New 2021 Kids Story

Snow White opened their eyes rose aunt lei competes at night my prince was so happy you’re the girl they go snow white this is the best day of my life agree to marry me first I need to find my daddy sing him everything that happened and then receive It’s your blessing that they came back to talk if you pull a king out of the dungeon and the queen marks the IUD with yourself and the prince Snow White who married And lived happily ever after So what’s up and let’s go but now the app collects the apples and create your style of Snow White.