Princess Cinderella New Kids Epic Story In 2021
Princess Cinderella New Kids Epic Story In 2021

Princess Cinderella New Kids Epic Story In 2021

Introduction Of Princess Cinderella New Kids Epic Story In 2021

Princess Cinderella New Kids Epic Story In 2021. Once upon a time is a couple who had a daughter named Cinderella they were a very happy family There is however once her kind mother died suddenly happiness came and Cinderella’s father married another woman and this woman had two spoiled and naughty daughters they were as delicate as their mother they all came to live in the house Cinderella now had two sisters and a stepmother they all loved Cinderella.

The plants that protected the animals and the revers

She was very good very pretty owner had long blond hair beautiful blue eyes and feet and very delicate hands was a girl who liked to help everyone prepared delicious dishes is one of the plants that protected the animals and the reverse the two making the issue of making Cinderella’s life hell forced Cinderella to do the housework as if it were a maid Cinderella’s only friend is a kitten when she finished her chores she would take the dress in her lap and sit by the fireplace and tell him about her life she always told him.


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How much she missed her mother why Cinderella called Cinderella the Cinderella and unfortunately not long after her father also died her sisters AND stepmother gave Cinderella a room in the attic and you can’t stay in it walk from us you better stay upstairs please let me warm up in the fireplace with my cat it’s only after we go to bed at six Larissa should be enough for you just the clothes are torn we don’t want you around the house poor Cinderella accepted your fate it’s all night.

She tried to get close to the fireplace and tried to warm up with you the rest of the ash is one day a soldier in your house to invite all old ladies to get married to participate there’s a ball in the palace the king will leave the throne to his son the condition is that he marries a suitable girl How many women there are in this house it is with joy the mother introduced her two daughters I have two beautiful girls routes Oh and who’s that girl who’s in the kitchen cleaning the floor and she’s Our maid How could.

I can go to no Wrath will you mop the floor again

We say dad doesn’t matter then I’ll write her too even if you write it doesn’t matter there are no clothes shoes Go ahead you can write it down Cinderella begged her stepmother please lend me one of my sisters’ dresses so I can go to no Wrath will you mop the floor again or we have you the prince will choose I will go some instead of my daughters here it’s good under the eyes some three made fun of Cinderella and it’s humiliating and finally, the day of the ball arrived and all were well dressed for the ball left Cinderella behind Cinderella was crying desperately at.

That moment a fairy residence appeared before Cinderella ah and don’t worry you’re going to this ball who are you your fairy godmother who helps the kind-hearted girl your mother sent me here to help you she’s taking care of you upstairs fast when against a bomb it was big and six Mice don’t hit me coming to your goats grazing on my head let’s go down our thrilling game your rapping Cinderella did what the fairy asked immediately she brought pumpkin and rats in her room that were already yours friends came running to help and with wand in hand.

The fairy turned a pumpkin into a wonderful carriage 14 mice come white horses and the other two in their fall and never finally get to see if Cinderella each has her head with EA’s wand turned into a dazzling princess remember I don’t know that after midnight the spell will be breaking both on the dot you must leave the ball before midnight put night is Cinderella got in the carriage and went straight to the palace is how he entered the ballroom everyone stopped what they were doing and he was curious to know.

Who else would arrive in such magnificent carriage

Who she was she must have a princess from another country who else would arrive in such magnificent carriage and would wear exquisite jewels asked between son The Prince when he saw Cinderella next be the same as Green Essence the ribbon dance with me with pleasure Royal Highness was love at first sight and the Prince danced with Cinderella all night king the queen too they liked Cinderella very much and this girl would be suitable for us and our Throne she is noble and beautiful and we have our bride and all.

The girls in the neighborhood including stepmother and her daughter were dying of envy is where do you come from where do you live which it’s your name the time went by very fast when Cinderella saw that it was almost midnight she left the prince and without warning, she ran away from the clown as she went down the stairs you could speak She dropped where the crystal shoes are the doctor she was in a hurry well it back got in the carriage and went away is exactly the best mother that everything turned into.

Princess Cinderella New Kids Epic Story In 2021
Princess Cinderella New Kids Epic Story In 2021

What it was before the prince who ran after Ci cinderella was upset he hadn’t been able to reach her but he found his glass slipper on the stairs when Cinderella got home she was surprised by what she saw the house was glowing there was even a little soup on the stove the fairy godmother had resolved that too when Cinderella went to her room she was very sad right now I’ll never see the prince again don’t worry all will be alright Meanwhile the prince was thinking only of the beautiful girl who had run away from the ball.

All the girls who had attended the ball to try the glass slipper

I need in control I won’t accept any other as queen we’ll put this shoe on the foot of every girl in town who attended the ball if the shoe fits in one of them This will be my queen the next day the soldiers asked all the girls who had attended the ball to try the glass slipper, they all tried it with enthusiasm but I didn’t enter the building at all and they finally arrived at Cinderella’s house and everyone was very excited and the sisters spent hours massaging their feet with cream to make.

It is easier to put on the shoes and lock Cinderella in this photo Send me the shoe didn’t fit the request neither of them is And oh no but when I soldiers were about to leave I decided to leave girl from the pool and she managed to get attention by knocking down the closet I was never what they’re upstairs This is the cat in the house too nobody doesn’t lie a cat makes that noise let’s go upstairs and take a look they found Cinderella locked up and asked her to try it the crystal slipper perfectly profile Cinderella showed them.

She had the other pair and the soldiers knew they had found the princess and ran to the palace to give the good news The prince arrived at Cinderella’s house and recognized her immediately would accept if marry me and be my princess and having received a yes for an answer he took her to the palace he was like that Cinderella told him everything that and it was also past that they got married And the marriage lasted forty days and forty nights the first thing Cinderella has was to bring her kitten to live with her in the palace they lived happily ever after because the fairy godmother took care of them at all times.