New Magical Green Door Story For Kids
New Magical Green Door Story For Kids

New Magical Green Door Story For Kids

Introduction Of New Magical Green Door Story For Kids

New Magical Green Door Story For Kids. The green door about 100 years ago in a small people of Europe lived a girl named Letizia Letizia 20 have your soup cabbage soup I’ll eat it for you I want apple stew or berry pudding or something like that she was certainly not a charming girl for Leticia she did not like anything she was good enough for her look what dad buy you a nice dress again what an ugly color and it does not have erasures I throw my appointments is the beautiful golden dress.

That he now received the other day you never buy me anything good Leticia this is your new case with new pencils

That he now received the other day you never buy me anything good Leticia this is your new case with new pencils and even a pen with ink the box looks so old and simple and this whole is not big and macs pencils are much better than these have faces drawn on them Leticia not only complained about what he had also complained about what he had to do Leticia have you studied the chapters of history that I asked you, I don’t like the story Leticia come here let me show you how to bake a plum cake you know what I do not like to cook mother standing in that hot kitchen in front of a hot oven I don’t think it’s a good plan besides plum.

I don’t like it and today will dress my sun but there was one thing that Leticia loved to do she loved to stand before the green door that was in the north wall of the garden the door was so small that an adult would have to stoop to enter But it was always closed, Leticia longed to enter to see what was at another side of the door would do his best to convince his parents to let her open it, Leticia, where have you been mother, why don’t you let me open the green door? Leticia, we have not spoken a million times you can not enter because it is better that you never come in now finish your breakfast they already help clean the attic for a change.

That day Letizia went to help her mother while they looked at an old man closet they found an old album she opened it marm and who are all those people with grandparents your great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather John Hopkins is his wife maria Hopkins and there is his daughter mary Hopkins your great aunt while her mother looked at the album Letizia noticed a curious-looking box she opened it there was a key tied inside with a green ribbon mommy what a bird is this or is it just a very old key, let’s save it again and now it comes out playing Leticia couldn’t stop thinking about the key could this be the key to the green door the more I thought about it the more he longed to try the key his opportunity came on a lethal Sunday let’s go out to stay home and finish your homework.

 It was a forest a huge dense and leafy forest Letizia turned around

I’ll come back and check as soon as his parents left he grabbed the old attic key and ran with her to the garden He carefully put the key inside the lock and turned it the door opened and Letizia went inside but what was this was not spaced but there was no door behind her when Leticia heard the wolves howling and the lions roaring she was so scared who ran for his life not knowing where he was going suddenly out From the forest a hand grabbed Leticia, a horse climbed her and left as a child here you will be safe or you must be frozen – here sit by the fire I found her running in the woods.

The wolf pack must have been around small point howls poor thing must have been very scared and go to your room and give her a dress. Letizia was stunned, she couldn’t stop looking at the family there was something very curious in them Leticia did not realize at first but then if this was John Hopkins his great grandfather and the lady was Mary his wife and the girl Peggy was her great-aunt what was going on could it be that the green door would have taken her to the past of her family or my mother this is real while she was deep in thought her great-aunt gave her a simple dress with a smile I don’t like this dress.

It’s too boring and too big that is to say, with boring to me, your dress seems very showy If you want to stay here, here is how you will have to dress and I’ll be these ducks these are wooden you do not have soft leather or rubber or satin you say some strange things about what are you talking now get dressed and come down moms in favor Letizia had no choice but to wear that big and ugly dress and also his feet hurt from wearing those wooden shoes when he limped down and saw that food now what is this or they are corn stains you don’t know them but I don’t like them well that’s all That are you going to eat here depends on you whether to eat them or not and after eating you have to start knitting too but I don’t know how to knit not you don’t know how to knit you haven’t learned anything in life see and teach him.

It suffocating they also had to clean and scrub as he longed for his home

How to knit I’m without a father and so Letizia learned to weave and make her clothes later learned to cook in huge stone kitchens in an oven with a blazing fire Leticia found it suffocating they also had to clean and scrub as he longed for his home as he longed for cabbage soup she hated so much and those dresses she once despised while cleaning the attic of the house he found a curious box the same as the one in his house, he opened it and saw the same type of key with a green ribbon what is this belongs a door green maybe there is a door in the north wall of the house our parents have forbidden me to open it and I will call girls to come to dinner let’s go well.

We are going to the house of the elves stay home and be good the girls sat knitting again when someone knocked on the door Leticia was surprised to see that it was already Peabody the boy next door in his original house if our parents are not in the home I’m sorry I lost my way in the forest I was dusk and I see a pack of wolves outside the house does you mind if I Shelter here for some time I’ve never seen you around I live 10 miles away with the Harrington I heard wolves and ran in the woods and then I missed.

The Carrington we met them last year very well pass thanks can I have some water agree you are not Letizia my neighbor and you are already seen and how you got here through a green book one with a lock or lock book I got here through a green door with I don’t know how a lock but I ended up at my great-grandfather’s house. months there I also ended up at my great-grandfather’s house the Thames since I’ve been here I’ve worked a hell of a lot harder than I’ve ever worked, my hands hurt from working too, I’ve never worked like this in my house we have spent our entire lives without any life how I want to go back I saw a book similar to the one.

I came home the same afternoon time moves much faster in the past

That brought me here with the same lock I want to go home I intend to open it there is a similar green door around here too if that night Leticia sneaked into the attic took the key ran to the north wall outside the house and found the door with his hands trembling, he opened the lock and entered his house ran into the garden back and so Letizia told them all her adventure everything was so difficult to do and achieve after seeing that time I will never complain about anything ever again.

I love soup and daddy too dress and study and study and write my neat handwriting with my new pencils and pens I am so sorry I was a pain and sorry for disobeying and open the green door Well I guess you asked Letizia when we respect each other what we have life teaches us the hard way but wait I was in that place for months and still I came home the same afternoon time moves much faster in the past than in the present my daughter what were a few months in the past so.

It’s only been a couple of hours in the present then a car arrived at the entrance of the house and the man and Mrs. Peabody with her son Jack already saw Letizia and Letizia saw Jack they both winked at each other now well if they shared this great secret with others do you think someone would believe them.

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