New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel
New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel

New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel

Introduction Of New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel

New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel. Once a woodcutter who lived a long time ago with his couple of children near a forest the son was called João and the daughter was called Maria and the wife of the woodcutter mother of the children had died and since then they went through very difficult times What was a very poor family they survived on the herbs and fruits they gathered in the forest the children never complained about the situation they lived in and always helped their father one day someone knocked on the door.

Now would have a cow that he would be milk every day

It was a woman with a bottle of milk I come from the neighboring forest there was a fire in my house and I don’t have anymore Where is it I also brought my cow with me without letting me stay with you I’m not even the grandmother milk the father And your children have accepted the offer at least now would have a cow that he would be milk every day and after some time his father he married this woman however they continued to live in poverty and one night when the children out m to bed dad argued with his.


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New wife but john was listening to everything just look at us as we can feed the kids I’m desperate don’t know what else to do good huh I have an idea to solve this once and for all but I don’t know if you would accept tomorrow we take the children to the forest now Catarina and we light a fire we give each of them a piece of bread and leave them there I don’t have to go Borges I love my children so much I wouldn’t abandon them and don’t worry who is already well grown-up will be able to take care of themselves.

When everything gets better we’ll look for them again if not the four of us will starve João was a very smart child so when I heard his stepmother’s plans she ran off to pick Pedrinhas a kind of special pebble that his mother had shown him so the stones shine at night he would show crazy mine in the morning the stepmother Woke up the children João Maria wake up We’re going to the forest need we need to get some firewood is the first thing João did upon waking up was putting the pebbles in his pocket as he walked through.

When they stopped to rest the stepmother and the father

The forest discreetly letting the pebbles fall to the ground they went into the heart of the forest and when they stopped to rest the stepmother and the father lit a fire they served them with a piece of bread and started with the plan the child because you rested a little at the fire I want your father let’s get the baby and we’re right back their father was very sad but hopes he went on with his woman on the way back home He looked back and saw his children for the last time but like my children you want everything to get better and the.

New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel
New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel

Children will watch The stepmother and the father from a distance until they are out of sight I’m noticing that the stepmother and the father wouldn’t go back to the tired children fell asleep by the fire and when they woke up it was too late and the moon was shining in the sky and I’m so sick I don’t think we’ll do it I don’t think they came back to pick us up I wasn’t afraid Maria I spread Glittering Stones in the air all the way we can follow the Stones back home and the Children walked all night and finally came home again .

Showed the way the stepmother who opened the door was very surprised What are you doing in the forest Tuesday now it turns out we’re not looking for you all day I bet you hid hi hi don’t hit me so tired he’ll hammer my head come on there more the app and shows you how fast you are in this game even though you tried to deceive the Children the father hugged his two children with love thank God you two came back I have swollen eyes from crying yeah but the stepmother wouldn’t give up so easily its real.

How they had found their way back home and Maria told them everything

The intention was to get rid of the Children so she asked how they had found their way back home and Maria told them everything now that and she knew how they got back home she locked the children’s bedroom door that night John couldn’t go out to pick the pebbles the next day They went to the forest again this time like John Didn’t have Pedrinha discreetly then just drop bread crumbs along the way Hi and the same thing happened the children were abandoned in the forest again so scared John it’s too dark.

I’m going back don’t worry I couldn’t pick up the Little Stones But this time let’s follow the bread crumbs I dropped but when they looked for him they couldn’t find the bread crumbs anymore the birds had eaten everything but where are the crumbs they came and went everywhere but couldn’t find the way it’s alright Maria don’t worry first we need to warm up soon we’ll find our way back home it’s completely scared and exhausted found a hollow tree entered to protect themselves from slept in each other’s arms this morning c.

They continued walking in the forest not knowing where to go two days passed no matter which way I chose and they couldn’t find the way home later they saw a bird in a tree and look what a beautiful bird it looks like I want to show you something will be that he will show us the way home and we will follow it and it was a beautiful bluebird.

What a beautiful house is that you pass some guests

The children as they were already the handles started to follow the bird they saw that the bird had landed on the window of a house because life What a beautiful house is that you pass some guests to come income on what are you waiting for let’s go find something to eat when they got closer they were completely amazed it was a whole house made of chocolate dreams the windows were made of cream and the ceiling it was covered in colorful candies so they started to eat the house tearing.

The little pieces off and hey Maria try a piece of this window a delicious one I want m to try one of these sweets that are on the Tejada Hey Maria I’m going to try a piece of caipirinha and like that They beat the belly with sweet cream and chocolate cakes there is someone at home and this one knows what to do they decided to try the door and wait later A beautiful woman with a bag approached them, oh looks like there are guests welcome I birdie about to tell you that you arrived none as fast as I could Hi sorry.

We ate some from your house but Maria and I were two days without eating anything so there’s no problem my house is magic the parts you ate renew themselves soon you can come in must be cold if you’re going to take a while you can stay here with me that night he’s in a comfortable bed to sleep and the next day the woman mysterious prepared a beautiful and delicious breakfast for Hansel and Gretel this one but I woman was an evil witch with Treacherous plans and she wakes up Ah Hansel and Gretel saw the figure of a witch in front of him they tried to escape.

How much you’ve put on the witch Maria took the first one to check your weight

But the witch took John and locked him in a cage The video then she threw Maria in the kitchen Your child of defeat You fell into the trap in the candy house and I want you to prepare the dishes that you and your brothers like best I want you two fat Beans Because I’ll devour them let’s eat this soon I don’t have time to waste both João and Maria were very smart and To not get fat huh eat just enough to survive Maria played food off your plate when the witch wasn’t looking and John hides the food in his pockets Hi Maria.

I want to see how much you’ve put on the witch Maria took the first one to check your weight girl you’re too thin believe you’re gonna get rid of so easy to me well and then she went to the cage where João was and pulled him by his clothes the food that was in his pockets fell on the floor and she immediately understood what was there. anticipating you thought you could fool me I changed my mind to wait for you two to get fat huh I’ll put you two didn’t go today and this will be because you are haha very curious.

Witch is barring everything around the house so far no one knew the witch was practically Sega but at that moment Maria realized that the witch couldn’t see almost anything and Maria was crying in the kitchen how could they escape Maria come here I want you to look the power tell me if there’s enough firewood and the fire was high but Maria lied to the witch disturbing lady So I want you to put more firewood fast Surprise phone I can’t open it and it’s locked it’s but boy uncle you’re thin and useless.

What you are the witch

That’s what you are the witch so you opened the door from the oven and you have what the heat of the fire was great but what is it the fire wasn’t paying so the witch leaned into the oven to see what was happening taking advantage of the opportunity Maria Povoa witch with all her strength and when the witch fell in the oven Maria quickly locked the door the witch’s screams could be a virus everywhere 1 Hi Maria opened the cage and freed her brother the two hugged tightly were very happy dear sister.

New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel
New Kids Story Hansel and Gretel

Now we’re your thanks to you it’s Hi Maria wait let’s see if we can find something here for our father before leaving and together they wandered around the house there was a door the witch always left locked when they opened this door it turns into a mess full of gold and jewels Let’s fill our pockets and let’s take these jewels to our good dad so they took everything they could and left the house-entering the forest it was like all paths were equal finally spotted their house in the distance and we came back, daddy so here he is and the father opened the door at the same time and hugged his children.