New 2021 The Lying Princess Story For Kids
New 2021 The Lying Princess Story For Kids

New 2021 The Lying Princess Story For Kids

Introduction Of New 2021 Princess Truth Story For Kids

New 2021 Princess Truth Story For Kids. The lying princess long-ago time in a certain kingdom a princess lived with her parents the princess was intelligent healthy and would have been the pride of her parents of not for a terrible terrible habit I had it all started when the princess was about 8 years old that morning she had no absolutely no desire to go to class especially since the daughter of her governess who studied with her to keep her company would not go because I was sick but skipping classes today but mom and dad will never let me stay home unless I mean to get sick too if it’s not a lie It’s the little vacation true sometimes.

It just takes a moment of weakness to develop an unpleasant habit for life

It just takes a moment of weakness to develop an unpleasant habit for life and that was the moment for the princess rolled on the floor pretending to be sick with a stomach ache and the kings ran to her side my poor baby I have to go to my math class mother no you will not go anywhere is how our daughter is sincere and is dedicated to her studies I am very proud of you when Princess heard how proud her parents were that she was saying The truth is, the princess felt terrible, she wanted to tell them the truth, I try to tell him but father I shut up, do not waste energy in speaking you need to rest there are no classes for you in the next three days.

I sent the message that the princess is in danger and will not be able to attend classes for at least three days now you I’ll bring the medicine and a soup and then you go to sleep the princess lay down on the bed feeling not very happy with herself but was afraid of disappointing his mother who therefore said nothing your mother lying is a big trap you make it a time and then it takes over you lie over and over until you can’t stop that is what happened to the princess twenty one time than two and then she lied to get out of all he wanted to avoid riding lessons meet his aunt he even lied about getting a new necklace she also lied against a maid to be thrown out but loose.

That my hair has remained makes me look super ugly but I had put the pins in the bow and you only have one you are saying to pull the other pin out of my hair to lie about you to my parents she is not the best hairdresser we have darling but I don’t like it, I don’t love it, the lie of the princess had come to a stage where he had started hurting other people and you know that there is one more secret about lying the person who lies feels ashamed despite not showing it, such a person hates himself and hates everything there is around that is terrible truth the princess was also turning increasingly resentful, irritable and unhappy, her parents had noticed that.

What to do with a has a reward for who covers the princess from her habit of lying

She had a nasty habit of lying but nothing made it stop one day rule our Rainer how can we have a queen who is so prone to lying that not only is she lying but has become so disgusting and grumpy I don’t know what to do with a has a reward for who covers the princess from her habit of lying more than talking, therefore, a great reward from the middle of the kingdom was announced for whoever cure be the princess of her habit of lying Peter the woodcutter lived in a town in the kingdom every day Peter went to the forest but never cut down a healthy tree that grew only cut dead logs one day he was in the forest looking for trees all day and did not find any dead tree good all.

The trees I have seen today are growing healthy and strong but it seems that I will not be able to sell anything today Pedro went to the trunk and examined it he saw some ants carrying leaves in a hole in deadwood I can’t cut this is a log dead can be cut my friend but a house can not be those ants anymore They have found the trunk, I can’t take his house from him, go further to Rivas Well, it is against my principles to cut a tree that is healthy and that they go in the principles and are followed only in times of abundance.

They must be followed even In times of difficulty I do not walk further into the forest of Suddenly the sky darkened and thunder, rain and lightning struck the peter forest and gold took refuge in a cave when they entered the Pedroia cave a strange sound something like water but it wasn’t quite in the direction of the strange sound and I came to a spring that glowed like sunlight as soon as a gigantic being of light arose from the depths of the water the truth has many forms my friend and stay true to your principles even in times of adversity it is one of them you are the only qualified to cure someone for a terrible ailment of lies that is.

The princess seed sprinkle three drops and tell him what he says come true alone for you

Why the thunder and lightning have brought you to me heal who but you have not found out the princess and future queen of this kingdom must be cured of her terrible disease of lying I heard something but how could I cure it? You are at the source of the truth of your teacher take to fill it with water from the fountain and find the princess seed sprinkle three drops and tell him what he says come true alone for you for the next three days and if the next time you see her she continues lying then it is incurable but if he tells the truth then go back here and since bbva of this water but because I good it is worth because you are a truthful man you don’t want to help and heal someone Okay, I’ll do what you tell me, so Pedro took.

The bottle and went to palace now for the princess all this business of people trying to cure her of the habit of lying was very humiliating and she was determined not to meet another healer so she kept lying and majesty the princess says she can’t come because she is very very sick enough to lie is to meet this gentleman come with me so Pedro was taken to the princess’s room where she was I found pretending to have a headache I do what is the cause of so much pain highness and last night I had the terrible dream I dreamed that.

I was chased by a horrible great monster there was a field of thorns that painted feet on hands and face and then the field disappeared and I fell off a huge high and gigantic mountain stood and screamed and fell into a river of molten lava and my head was a whirlwind you would have no head doubts too, of course, yes, your highness, when he said this, Pedro took out the bottle and sprayed three drops about the princess and murmured very softly a few words And what I say comes true just for you for the next three days and that’s what happened for the next three days the princess lived the terrible dream about which she had lied to the fourth day.

I am in terrible pain and what is the cause of so much pain your highness

He had a terrible headache but people at his around her parents included had stopped believe her long ago everyone thought I was faking the pain Pedro saw her again but the princess was, even more, humiliated did not want to tell Pedro that he had lived the dream about which he had lied so I keep lying I can’t talk to you because I am in terrible pain and what is the cause of so much pain your highness and I fractured my foot I’ve been limping crutches for the past three days and the pain is only increasing dismayed by the lie Pedro once again took out the bottle and sprayed the water magic about the princess that.

What she says comes true in you just for you in the next three days and once again that’s what I am the princess fell from the horse and broke her foot but as what she said was true just for her no one else noticed her broken foot the swelling or the injury everyone they thought I was lying again my foot hurts a lot when walking, he doesn’t love you anymore and your lies go too far at least what have you become and that was the day the princess thought about the first time she had lied and how her mother had gotten into an uproar over her my poor baby one you are not going anywhere you see how sincere and dedicated who is our daughter with her studies I am very proud of you and all the other times however today when I most needed the care and her parents’ love.

When they saw that did not pronounce a lie even if they made him do things that

Just didn’t believe her even when she cried from agony and limping on crutches that was when the princess realized that’s mine this I have become The next day Pedro returned to the palace if he did not tell the truth today. princess was incurable fearful peter entered the princess room You seem to be suffering, you have been crying, do you care, you still wouldn’t believe me anyway and neither should you but what is the matter with you highness my heart afflicts me I have lied so much that no one trusts me not even my mother And my loving father I don’t even believe in myself has finally told the truth, Your Highness, it’s late now, nobody loves me and they shouldn’t and I deserve it fear not your highness.

Now is cured so peter took the princess to the source of truth and when he drank from its magical waters forever sure of the desire to lie of course the people in the palace did not trust her immediately since once trust in someone is lost it leads long long time to win it again the princess recognized all his lies and he apologized to his parents his teachers his staff and then.

When they saw that did not pronounce a lie even if they made him do things that he hated little by little little people began to trust her she began to rule the kingdom happily with true justice and compassion for a long long time Pedro was one of his ministers and they both became great friends