Goldilocks and the Three Bears New Kids Moral Story

Introduction Of Goldilocks and the Three Bears New Kids Moral Story

Goldilocks and the Three Bears New Kids Moral Story. Once upon a time in a distant forest a family of bears daddy the bear mommy the bear and the baby bears the favorite food of the bear family was porridge mommy bear cooked breakfast every day and it was very good and warm hi mommy I’m hungry can you bring my big mouth yes dear but you’re hot so you should wait before eating or burn your tongue mommy we can take a walk so when we get back it might be cold who can we eat son this is a good idea.

The forest there lived a girl called little golden boxes

Let’s take a walk mom dad we can get honey, yeah but of course it’s not so good to let’s go follow me good so the bear family went for a walk meanwhile on the other side of the forest there lived a girl called little golden boxes who had long curly blond hair the little girl who lived with her parents loved the forest because the squirrels and bunnies were her friends and her parents warned not to go too far so she played p Right at home her golden curls bounced while.

She played with them and butterfly her long hair was really beautiful hi good morning golden curls she asked her mother for permission to enter the forest mom ok so good angel I can walk through the forest yes dear but don’t go too far stay always on the way you’ll find wild strawberries you could pick me for jam for you delicious adore and with a basket in hand little boxes began her journey following the path as she happily walked her curls missing the harvest was what she liked to do it best when.


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She saw the wild strawberries she started to eat and put in the parties what would happen if I went further if I go quickly I won’t be late a little bit golden boxes went deeper and deeper into the forest your friend’s rabbits followed her jumping among the flowers as she sang c rivers seas and sky wish I had wings to be able to fly creeks and rivers seas and sky I wish I had wings to be able to fly there after a while she realized she had gotten lost she was worried and very scared suddenly she noticed a small hut is.

The golden curls pushed the door and it opened

What this house is and walked to the door and someone knocked there anyone and it seems like there’s no one I’m lost I’ll go in and rest later I’ll explain to the owner the golden curls pushed the door and it opened then she came in she’s so cute I come here it’s so delicious I’m so hungry the aroma comes from the three plates of porridge that were on the table the biggest one was from daddy bear the middle one was from mummy bear’ and the smallest was the baby bear’s plate golden curls took.

A spoon from the larger plate and burned the mouth I’m going it’s hot so try mom’s porridge and you’re hot too I can’t eat last try baby porridge it was hot and nice on you ok it’s perfect for me she ate all the min gau and then walked around the house and saw three chairs in a corner there were three different sizes when the little box tried to be the biggest one realized it was too high and uncomfortable and this chair is too high and uncomfortable she tried mom’s chair was medium size plus.

golden curls
golden curls

A little high no not for me either saw the baby chair which was perfect for her so she tried on the chair it broke and golden curls fell on the floor then it hurt I almost broke my leg what kind of chair is this fix it and she was so tired and needed to rest was when the river three beds in the room next door and that’s great I think I’ll sleep a little the golden curls lie on the bigger bed mommy this bed is too tall it seems like I’m in heaven I think I will change I’ll try average bed the average bed was too soft and ended up sinking in it ours isn’t comfortable either.

The third bed belonged to the baby and was ideal for golden

How can anyone sleep in that bed I wonder who lives here hope they arrive soon so I can apologize for entering without permission and for the damage I caused the third bed belonged to the baby and was ideal for golden curls it is this one is perfect I think I’ll take a nap hope the owners of the I arrived home before it got dark and help me find my way home and she fell asleep immediately but at this point, the bear family came home and when daddy bear came in he was shocked to see the table.

Where he put a spoon in my big mouth in mine too there’s one and this one someone ate all my mengão cause I’m gonna eat it now so I’m hungry don’t be sad your dad I’ll share our vein with you teddy bear was about to sit in his chair when he realized it was broken he started to cry if someone broke my chair and now daddy where am I going to sit daddy bear I knew there was something weird going on it’s not right who was in our house we go to the bedroom everyone went into.

When the curls saw three bears in front of her

The room and saw gold curls sleeping in baby bear’s bed and there’s a hello mommy girl I’m here she now please gold curls hear baby bear cry and wake up well our little girl is so pretty when the curls saw three bears in front of her she was so scared she jumped out of the bed at the river running and went straight to forest 1 and I think she thought we’re gonna hurt her move she forgot the basket with wild strawberries poor girl gold curls ran so fast that luckily found the way back home knocked on the door crying and the mother with a pipe.

I saw your voice and open the door eh and where have you been I was worried about what happened to you staying like this told them to your mother everything that had happened mom I’m sorry I’ll never disobey you again your mom kissed her and tried to soothe her little boxes kept crying and apologizing don’t worry now v you’re safe at home and you forgot to apologize to the bear family but I was so scared it was the first time I came face to face with the bear.